What are Pastorates?
A Pastorate is a larger gathering of people, usually (but not always!) consisting of a couple of small groups joining together.
We have 3 pastorates at Ebe, with a new one called ‘Connect’ being launched in October. Pastorates meet monthly, in the first week of each month. They vary in focus and style but have these common aims:-
  • To encourage one another to follow Jesus and reach out with the good news of Jesus.
  • To give opportunities to develop giftings in a larger setting.
  • To support small groups in caring for one another.
Current pastorates
    Awake is an all-age pastorate which is looking to encourage listening to God in all situations and speaking His words into the lives of those we interact with day to day. This is for in the work place and in church, it's for anywhere we spend any time, and it is for children and adults alike! We meet late morning on a Saturday each month, including a shared lunch.
    Contact: Chris and Sarah Richardson.

    1830 Pastorate is our community for all students and young adults. It’s a place to experience community, grow and be challenged in your relationship with God, and a place from which to get stuck in, serve, and do what Jesus did. We have regular events that happen every month, usually involving food!
    Contact: Esther Legg-Bagg

    Forrest’s Pastorate are a combination of the Forrest’s and Thwaites’ small groups and have strong values around community and sharing life together. We typically meet at least once a month on the first Thursday for a meal together, but we love to create other opportunities to be together, whether to socialise or to serve and welcome others to be a part of that.
    Contact: Andy & Hannah Forrest or Spud & Rachel Thwaites

    New… Connect Pastorate
    ‘Connect’ is starting in October, on the first Tuesday of each month, at Ebe Church Building. It is for everyone! If you’re in a small group but not a pastorate, come and try it. If you’re not a part of a small group or a pastorate, this is a good opportunity to get involved!
    Connect Pastorate is to enable us to connect with other Christians and with Jesus, but our main aim is to help one another to reach out to those who are not yet Christians - “Together changing lives with Jesus”
    Contact: Steve Allan, Esther Champion, or Jonathan Reynolds.

Questions about Connect Pastorate
Q: Do I need to be part of a small group to attend Connect?
A: No, you could just come to this.

Q: Do I need leave my small group to attend connect?
A: No you don’t, but it may be instead of your normal small group that week.

Q: Can I go to more than one Pastorate?
A: Yes.

Q: What if I can’t come every month?
A: Obviously it would be better if people come regularly. However, each evening will be an opportunity to hear encouraging testimonies, inspiring teaching, and connect with other Christians.

Q: Can I just come and give it a try?
A: Yes, of course!

Q: I find talking about Jesus difficult. How will Connect help me?
A: The idea behind the pastorate is that reaching out on our own is difficult. Connect will encourage, inspire and support, so that sharing the life of Jesus becomes increasingly more natural for all of us.

Connect Pastorate