Ebe is a very active church with a heart to reach out to our community, city and world with the good news of Jesus. All that happens within our church and the wider community needs to be underpinned with a culture of prayer in the church.

The disciples saw how Jesus lived and paced his life. Jesus would only do what he saw the Father doing. They wanted to know the secret and questioned Jesus to teach them how to pray. (Luke 11:1) Jesus’ response was what we know as ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ (Luke 11:2-4), a model prayer as a framework to show, inspire and teach us how to pray. The rallying cry of the early church was to ‘pray continually’ (1 Thessalonians 5:17 and throughout the book of Acts) and this is the baton that we need to hold on to and not drop.

Individually and together, we need to be persistent in prayer and below are some dates of corporate times that we gather to pray. Come when you can, come if you are passionate about the focus of the evening but whatever part you play, let's be a whole church that prays!

Prayer Gatherings

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24-7 Prayer Room

Sunday 3rd - 10th February 2019

24-7 is a worldwide, non-stop prayer movement
24-7prayer is not for experts.
24-7 is fo334rr those who find prayer a struggle.
24-7 is a model that works! It has proven unusually successful at mobilising people - especially young people - to pray like they've never prayed before. People learn to pray... by praying!
24-7 captures the imagination. The dare is to be alone with God for a whole hour - maybe even in the middle of the night.
24-7 makes prayer easier. The arts play an important part. Many say that ‘an hour feels like 10 minutes in the prayer room’.

"A Prayer Room helps a church look beyond itself, motivating it to unleash prayer power for the unsaved, the community, the nation, the church's missionaries, and the world."

Photos from All Age Service Prayer Stations