Catching up with Morgane

I’ve finished my first year at Bible college in Scotland, Motherwell and now it time for some catching up!

First I’d like to say thank you to you – Ebe church! – for sending me to Bible college last September, I have not forgotten that it is Ebe who sent me to Bible college, I have continually thanked the Lord for your support – your financial and prayerful support – which has been so immensely valued during my year!

For a year I was a student at Tilsley college in Motherwell outside of Glasgow. Tilsley college is a Bible college part of the missionary organisation GLO, the course is therefore mission-centered! But let me answer the first question that you might ask yourself… Why Scotland?

Let me go back a few years back. I actually have been a Christian for less than four years, and since I was saved I’ve had a passion for evangelism – for telling people about our wonderful Saviour Jesus, the Jesus I was not told about until my early twenties! – and a passion for the Bible!

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