Bristol Hospitality Network and Refugee Welcome Homes

Really inspiring to hear from Rachael Bee (one of our global partners) from Bristol Hospitality Network (BHN) and Debs Munn from Refugee Welcome Homes share about their vision for reaching out to destitute asylum seekers and refugees here in Bristol.

Download the powerpoint (in pdf format) of their presentation at bring and share lunch today HERE.

How can Ebe help BHN and Refugee Welcome Homes?

Bristol Hospitality Network (BHN)
  • * Pray for sanctuary seekers
  • * Campaign for a just asylum system
  • * Give by regular standing order
  • * Host a fundraising meal for BHN’s Moveable Feast at Ebe!
  • * Find 4 new host households among the Ebe community (particularly anyone willing to support younger men (we have 2 19 year olds on the waiting list))
  • Refugee Welcome Homes

  • * Buy a house and rent it to refugees through us
  • * Find 1 or 2 couples to give a year to live with newly granted refugees in community (particularly good for couples considering mission, not enough space for families)
  • * Pray about how each home group/pastorate can support refugee houses (help make the houses ‘home’, painting projects, helping refugees with introductions for work opportunities etc)
  • Follow both organisations on Facebook for regular updates - Bristol Hospitality Network and Refugee Welcome Homes