Summer 2017 Teaching Programme

This summer we start by looking at what we believe as Christians in our series called Believe it or Not? This series is based on the Apostles’ creed which is how the early Christians wrote down their beliefs. Are we giving mental ascent to these beliefs while living out the beliefs of our world?

Another thing that we believe in at Ebe church is social justice. Sometimes it feels like justice in our world is a bit like flipping a coin, for some people it lands on ‘Just’ and for others it’s ‘Not Fair’. As Christians, what do we do with all this? How does a powerful and loving God fit in amongst so much injustice? Are we willing to roll up our sleeves and ‘pick a fight’, or is it even our fight? As Gary Haugen wrote “God has a plan to help bring justice to the world – his plan is us.”
In our Just/Not Fair series we are going to look at what some of the so called ‘minor prophets’ from the Old Testament have to say about issues of justice.

Our last series is based mainly in the book of Titus where we also look at how the trustworthy message should effect our lives.