Spring 2017 Teaching Programme

This spring we have three series and our usual first Sunday inspirational talks. The first series called “Expecting More” looks at growing our expectation in prayer based on the nature of God and His Kingdom rather than letting our circumstances dictate our level of faith. The second series "Experiencing More" builds on the first series by considering two ways in which we can bridge the gap between God’s promises and our actual experience of Him and His kingdom. What we say and what we think will profoundly affect the outcome of our lives.

The third series “Jesus brings hope” is inspired by Matthew chapter 9 verse 36 where Jesus “saw the crowds and had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” Jesus has the same compassion today and is wanting to bring his hope into people’s lives. One of the ways that he seeks to do this is for us to carry his hope to the world.

This spring we want to grow in expectation and experience of God so that we can increasingly be carriers of hope to the world.